Ferret Costumes

Whether for Halloween or any other special occasion, what ferret doesn’t want to be properly dressed? You’re right, probably none of them. Let’s get something straight, we do not dress ferrets for them, but for us. They just look so darn’d cute. 🙂

When dressing a ferret, remember to think of the ferret’s safety and comfort. Always remove clothing before leaving a ferret unattended. Ferrets are active and it’s too easy for clothing to get caught as they run about. You wouldn’t want to return to find poor fuzzy caught and dangling from the edge of her cage. Also remember to keep climate conditions in mind when dressing for the day. If weather is warm, forgo clothing and opt for a cute hat instead.

Hats are quick and since they’ll fit any ferret, they’re easy. They’re priced good too, and there are many different types available.

But maybe you’re looking for a little bit different? Maybe something like this . . .

Or perhaps like this . . .

Eh . . . that’s not a ferret, you say? 🙂

By gosh, you’re right, but keep an eye open anyway for dog costumes in sizes made for toy and teacup breeds of dogs which should also fit ferrets, especially some of your larger boys and girls.

Home Made Clothing for Ferrets

Maybe you prefer to make your own ferret clothes or costume? Believe it or not, we searched high and low all across the Web and had absolutely no luck finding even one pattern for making our own ferret clothing!? Instead we’ve include links below to directions for making clothing for toy and teacup size dog clothes. These patterns should give the crafty ferret owner a quick start in the right direction.

How to Make Custom Dog Clothing – From the HGTV website. Originally intended for sewing for small dogs, but includes a great section regarding how to resize the pattern. Perfect!

Ruffled Sweater Dress – Too cute! But does that poor little chihuahua look miserable or what? 🙂