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Our Ferrets

What ferret owner doesn’t enjoy showing off their babies who are, by far, the cutest, smartest, most precious furbabies in all the world? Well, here are ours.

We have three ferrets, Mombo, Chacha, and Cheree.

We also have two small dogs, and prior to adopting our ferrets, we had a pair of guinea pigs. The last survivor of the pair of guinea pics passed away about six months before we got our ferrets at the ripe old age of 7 years. Dear son wanted to honor the piggie he loved by adopting again and saving another life. He did hours and hours of research online and settled on wanting a ferret. Because we were in the middle of a move, I made him wait – and as it turned out, wait and wait and wait! The move ended up taking much longer than expected (nearly six months). Until we could close on a house, we were waiting it out in a cheap, small one bedroom apartment. Two adults, three nearly adult size kids, two dogs — so no, no ferrets! ๐Ÿ™‚

Until we could have furbabies of our own, we volunteered at the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue. We finally closed on a house and were at the shelter the very next day picking out the babies who would become ours forever.

Mombo and Chacha were the first two, adopted as a bonded pair from the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue.

We continued volunteering weekly at the rescue, and about a month later ended up bringing home Cheree.

Cheree made a habit of fighting with all other ferrets at the rescue whenever allowed out of the cage, and so was seldom allowed out to run. I recall we even referred to her as a “mean one”. ๐Ÿ™ That label couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I sit in the same seat at the rescue every week folding newspapers for the cages. Cheree’s cage was always located directly in front of me. “Mean” as she was, she’s still adorable, and one day she made eye contact with me, obviously wanting out. I took her out and held her. She didn’t want down, she just wanted held, and she was the absolute sweetest thing. She loved people, just not other ferrets. When I heard her story I understood why. She had shared a cage for many weeks with a ferret who beat her up every day. She learned to be on guard and not to trust and to attack first instead of waiting to be attacked.

We took her home with us and gave her a cage of her own away from our other two. Eventually, after 3 or 4 months we got them together. There was a couple of days of standoffs, a few rolling brawls, lots of hiding under blankets and finally acceptance. First acceptance by ignoring each other. Now finally total acceptance. They all share a cage, sleep together, and she grooms them constantly to remind them she loves having friends again.

I grew up on a farm in northwest Oklahoma surrounded by animals of every type, but never a ferret. I got these ferrets for my son who wanted them. I “love” all animals, but how much I’ve come to love and enjoy these little guys I never expected. They are so entertaining. It’s like having a room full of circus clowns.