Ferret Diseases, Illnesses and Ailments

If you’re looking for an education on ferret related illnesses you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected some of the best information from across the wide, wide web and written about it and linked to it here.

You’ll find information about the common illnesses which ferrets are prone to, such as Adrenal Tumor Disease, Insulinoma, and Lymphoma, as well as associated kidney failure and heart disease which often develop.

Ferret are active, inquisitive little creatures who occasionally cause some of their own mishaps. They sometimes eat things they shouldn’t causing blockages which must be surgically removed, fall from high place to which they never should have climbed, or get squished because they’re under foot or under the sofa cushion. (If you’re a new ferret owner, I suggest reading Ferret Safety 101 immediately for a better understanding of how to prevent the preventable.)

Or maybe you’re here looking for help treating a ferret with a cold (or URI, upper respiratory infections as they’re known), an ear infections and mites, or other less dangerous but equally important ailments.

Whatever you’re here looking for, we hope you find it. If not, send us a note and we’ll see if we can help.

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