10 Fun, Cheap Ways to Play With a Ferret

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In many ways, ferrets are a lot like kids, you buy a toy for them to play with and instead they spend more time and have more fun playing with the box it came in.

Ferrets love to play, but the toys don’t need to be expensive. Many things you have around the house will do just fine.


Ferret ancestors in the wild lived in burrows and tunnels and their domestic counterpart still enjoy the habit today.

Ferret Nation Hide and Seek Ferret Tunnel Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way Tunnel Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel for Ferrets

The tubes pictured above are available from Ferret.com, but with a little imagination you can make something similar from items laying around your house unused or which would ordinarily be thrown away. Pant legs can be cut off an old pair of pants to create fabric tubes. Use an old butter or yogurt contains with the bottom cut out to insert into the ends of the pants so the opening is held open like in the Ferret.com version above. If you’re good at sewing, this butter-container entry can be enclosed in the material for a neater appearance. You can also consider sewing several legs together for a longer tube, or wrapped together in a pretzel-style twist.

Clear plastic tubes about 20ft long can be purchased for about $15. Or you can save two-liter plastic soda bottles, cut both ends off and tape the middles back together to form a tube which works just as well.

Pringles potato chip cans with bottoms cut out and taped together work well for smaller ferrets.

Rattle and Roll

Pet stores have all sorts of small rattley cat toys that ferrets would love, but they’ll enjoy an old plastic soda bottle with a few beans inside just as much.

Marshall Ferret Tumble Toy

Plastic Easter eggs leftover from the holidays are perfect toys for ferrets. Drop a favorite treat inside and snap the egg closed for extra fun.

Empty pill bottles with child-proof locking lids are perfect for filling with anything that rattles.

Plastic bags, and in particular some type of potato chip bags have a crinkly, crackly sound that ferrets love. Ball up a couple of sacks, stuff them into the toe of an old sock, and tie it shut. It makes a great, cheap ferret toy.


Ferrets love to dig. Find an old, clean box of any type, preferably with a lid, then fill it with sand, rice, beans or ferret-safe all-starch packing peanuts. Hide a few toys inside or a treat for them to find. If your box has a lid, cut a large round hole for access. Leaving the lid in place will help keep the contents from being scattered.

You can lay down a towel to catch spills, then a large, flat bowl of water and let the ferrets “dig” in the water.

Chasing Games

Ferrets love to chase and be chased.

Marshall Ferret Interactive Teaser Toy

Attach a favorite toy the end of a string or an old fishing pole and let the fun begin. Ferrets love to chase. A toy tied to a piece of elastic provides the similar fun. You can watch from a distance as the ferret grabs the toy and hauls it to his hidey hole, only to have it snap back and away from him needing to be chased all over again.

Hide and Seek

Hide a piece of their favorite treat somewhere in the room and let them find it. If you make this a daily habit, it’s a game they learn to understand and enjoy.

Ferrets also love to play hide and seek with their humans. Hide around a corner and jump out at them. Or hide your hand beneath a blanket or sheet and make the hand jump out at them as they cross over it.

Slip and Slide

Use old pillowcases and towels to play. Throw one over the top of a ferret and they’ll squirm to get out. Grab one end as the ferret sits on the other an gently pull him along down the hallway for a wild ride. They’ll come back for more again and again.

The Final Four

Ferrets never tire of playing. So, comment below and finish up the list of ten for me. 🙂 Let me hear how you play with your ferret.

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