Is a Ferret The Right Pet For You?

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Lady leaning over ferret.

After dogs and cats, the ferret is the next most common uncaged pet in North America. But is a ferret the right pet for you?

Ferrets are playful and fun – the clowns of the animal world. They are intelligent and have a very engaging personality. In pairs, they love to jump, run, romp and tackle each other. They need room to run and be active and do not do well if caged for extremely long periods of time. Ferrets do best when given free roam and caged only for safety when they are not able to be supervised.

Ferrets are very inquisitive and will find a way into almost anything anywhere. Ferret-proofing a house is a never ending chore and more difficult than child-proofing for a toddler. Can you learn to simply laugh when the ferrets have once again emptied out the entire Kleenex box and scattered its contents through every room of the house?

Young children and ferrets are not a good mix – overactive behavior from either is enough to hurt the other. Ferrets will easily mix up with cats and dogs . . . if the cats and dogs will mix up with them is another story. Do you have the right home environment for a ferret?

Ferrets are prone to diseases such as adrenal disease requiring surgery, insulinoma requiring daily medication, and blockages requiring surgery (from getting into all those things they shouldn’t be getting into.) Do you have the funds put back to take care of these type emergencies?

Although ferrets can be litter trained, most seem to miss as much as they hit. Just get used to it – at least you know where to look. (The corners.) Would this type living arrangement bother you?

Ferrets are strict carnivores and should be fed mostly animal-based proteins. High-quality, high-protein food is a necessity. The ferret has a very short intestinal track, meaning the food passes through very quickly. Because of how quickly the food passes through their system, it is important that the food be concentrated and easily digestible. The best choice is a high-quality food made specifically for ferrets. Do you have access to this type of food?

If you’ve thought each of these points through and believe a ferret is the right pet for you . . . welcome to the world of ferret ownership. You are in for a wonderful ride!

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Blaze October 9, 2011 at 1:34 pm

Shoot, who would have tohuhgt that it was that easy?


amy brockman October 22, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Thanks you for your comment, Blaze. Please visit again.


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