Why does my ferret sneeze so much?

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Is he sneezing every day or is this something new? Does he sneeze more when around certain things more than others?

If there are any other symptoms, such as watery eyes or fatigue it could be that your ferret is catching the flu. You can see our post Helping Your Ferret Survive Cold & Flu Season to learn more about treatment. Otherwise, consider his environment when he’s sneezing. It could just be dust which is irritating his nose? Remember a ferret is very close to the ground and uses the nose a lot to sniff around. Sneezing a couple times a day is probably normal and nothing to worry about. If the sneezing is more frequent than that pay attention to what could be causing it and try to make a change.

  • What type of litter or bedding are you using in his cage? Some commercially available products can be quite irritating. They’re also unnecessary (as well as expensive). Ferrets much prefer a couple of old t-shirts to snuggle in than bedding material purchased at the store and it’s healthier for them as well.
  • What type off cleaning products are you using? Try changing to something less irritating. Vinegar and water mix is an effective germ killer as well as cheap and very safe.
  • Do you have a cat litter box and does your ferret use it? Some cat litter is dusty and causes sneezing. Try switching brands or try switching to ferret litter instead.
  • If your ferret’s living environment contains a lot of dirt and dust, try keeping it a bit cleaner and see if it helps.
  • Cigarette smoke? Second hand smoke can affect your ferrets. You might want to try smoking elsewhere.

Make sure you have emergency vet charlottesville contact handy in case your pet gets really sick. If your ferret continues to sneeze more than you feel is normal be sure to mention it to your veterinarian at the next visit.

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