The Plugged-In Ferret

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Keep ferrets away from all sources of electricity.

November, which is just around the corner, is National Novel Writing Month.

“Cool!” I’m thinking, “I’d love to try writing a novel.”

Perhaps a novel about a ferret with super ferrety strength . . . he bit into an electrical cord, an act fatal to most, but he not only survived but thrived and was transformed into . . . Super Ferret! 🙂

Fun fantasy, but back to reality. Ferrets and electricity are absolutely no laughing matter.

If you’ve ever seen (or seen pictures) of electrical burns you’re aware of how severe and painful even a small jolt of electricity can be.

Even if you’ve had ferrets for years, it’s a good idea to take the time to re-evaluate the house in which they live and make sure there are no exposed wires or outlets for them to become curious about. Some ferrets seem fascinated with cords, while others don’t seem to care much. It’s really easy to become a little too relaxed with regards to electricity, especially if you’ve got ferrets who don’t seem to notice the cords, but all it takes is one small bite and it’s too late.

For ferret proofing electrical cords and outlets you’ve got a few options:

  • Access to some electrical cords can simply be blocked by placing furniture or other heavy items in front of them making them inaccessible. Remember, ferrets can fit into unbelievably tight places. Keep this in mind when determining if blocking access will work.
  • If cords and outlets can’t be blocked they should be covered. Schedule a trip to your local hardware store and have a look around the home safety isle. Items sold for child-proofing a house such as Outlet Plug Cover and Wire Guard, will work for ferret-proofing as well.
  • Discourage chewing by using a bad-tasting deterrent product such as Marshall Time Out!, Grannick Bitter Apple , Synergy Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray .

That’s really about all there is to it. Have a look around your house today and see what you can do. If you’ve got any further advice or suggestions, please add a comment below.

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