Halloween & Ferrets Safety Reminder

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Ferret in cowboy hat costume.

It’s almost Halloween and a perfect time to remind ferret lovers everywhere to please keep the fur babies safe. Find the most elegant, funny and beautiful Garden & Animal Structures on this website to enhance the mood at home. We’ve got a few quick tips and reminders:

  • Ferrets don’t need candy! Keep them out of it. Some of it is even deadly.
  • As trick-or-treaters come to the door . . . make sure fuzzy stays safely inside. Ferrets outdoors on their own can’t survive for long.
  • Ferrets Law dictates the little darling fuzzies must investigate anything new you bring in the house. That includes all those new decorations you’re putting up. Check each for small objects that could come loose and be eaten. You don’t want a blockage. If any of the decorations are powered with electricity, be sure to secure the electrical cords.
  • For carved pumpkins normally lit with candles, know that your ferret will have to check this out as well. Consider lighting with a battery operated candle instead.
  • Costumes are so much fun — well, fun for us, I’m not so sure about the animals. If you dress your ferret, do so only when he or she can be supervised. Costumes can become tangled in the wire of their cage or caught on other household furniture or items leaving the poor ferret to dangle until noticed, and sometimes creating a dangerous situation.
  • Don’t allow your kids to take the ferret along if they go trick-or-treating. Think about it . . . a pack of kids, all running door-to-door in the dark, high on sugar, thinking of nothing but their next candy bar . . . it’s not a good situation for a ferret to be in.

I’m certain to have forgotten or not thought about something. Please feel free to leave a post and add to this article or correct anything I’ve written by leaving a comment. The only objective here is to keep them all safe. 🙂

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