Why does my ferret bite and rattle his cage at night?

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Ferrets require at least four hours out of their cage every day. A misbehaving ferret is often a bored ferret.

There are several things which could be causing your ferret to bite and chew at the cage in the middle of the night. The most common reason for this behavior is boredom.

Is the ferret spending too much time each day in the cage? Although ferrets are sold as such, they’re really not meant to be caged animals. For their own safety they should be caged when their human is not able to supervise them, but otherwise you’ll have a much happier ferret if they are allowed to roam freely most of the time.

Four hours is considered by most to be the minimum amount of time which a ferret needs out of the cage daily. If you have a young ferret or one who is very active more time will be required.

To avoid having a loud, playful ferret in the middle of the night, try scheduling the ferrets last playtime of the night a couple of hours before your bedtime. During this playtime encourage the ferret to PLAY HARD. 🙂 Wear him out! Just before bedtime when most of his energy has been used, feed him a nice meal — maybe a warm dish of Duck Soup. Once he’s tired and his tummy is full hopefully he’ll sleep through the night.

If additional time out of the cage is not an option, you may want to try making the space inside the cage more entertaining. Loud toys being played with in the middle of the night, of course, is not going to help your situation much. However, having more entertainment throughout the day could make for a sleepier ferret at night and you can always remove the noisiest toys at bedtime.

If the sleepless ferret is new to your home, it could be he hasn’t yet had enough time to adjust to how things work at your place. In that case, patience is key. Wake the ferret when you wake in the morning, play hard in the evening right before bed, then feed him and place him in his cage to settle down for the night. He should get the hang of your schedule soon.

If neither of these options work, try using a bite deterrent spray such as Marshall Time Out!, Grannick Bitter Apple , Synergy Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray , or lemon juice on the bars of the cage. All of these are bitter and taste bad. They will not harm the ferret, but may convince him to stop the behavior.

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